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Gerard Reve als beschrijver van ruimtes en landschappen

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‘Ik ben een romanties, lyries, religieus en mythies schrijver geworden, maar mijn taal is helder en deelt ondubbelzinnig mede, wat ik te beweren heb.’ 
- Gerard Reve, Moeder en Zoon Een weinig opgemerkte gave van Gerard Reve is ...

Reves Raleigh

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De ‘Jane Raleigh-episode’ uit Oud en Eenzaam (1978) is misschien het beste wat Gerard Reve ooit geschreven heeft. Het is een meesterlijke samensmelting van scherpe observatie en grote symboliek, van rauwe eerlijkheid en cliché, ...

Gerard Reve in English translation

Not many works of Reve (1923-2006) have been translated into English. I translated Een circusjongen - A circus boy.

Reve’s Faust: review of A circus boy

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‘It is beyond doubt that I am evil’. So reads the first sentence of the previously untranslated novel A circus boy (1975) of Dutch writer Gerard Reve (1923-2006). The reader who thinks Reve is kidding, await quite a few shocking ...

A circus boy

My translation of Gerard Reve's infamous novel (1975) - the first three chapters

Gerard Reve – A circus boy – first chapter

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A circus boy Hymn for M. Oh Thou who knowest and understandest all, Things Thy Son has no time for, nor patience, To Thee, dear Mother, I sing this song: Borne of Thee, I return to Thee. May it not be long before I am one with Thee. 1 – ...

Second chapter – A circus boy

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Second chapter   Wherein the writer exchanges thoughts with his friend Jackal about the fate of mankind and modern means of communication; wherein he makes oral profession of his ecstatic, sensual love for Jackal.  When Jackal’s ...

Third chapter – A circus boy

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Third chapter   Wherein the writer begins the wondrous story of his purchase, from the possession of a foreign Prince, of a young mestizo, who has to serve Jackal as a slave; wherein he furthermore makes mention of his camping experiences. ...