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The following articles were most read during the years they were online on my previous website

Summary of The Origin of Consciousness

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How did human beings who lived five thousand years ago view themselves? How did they make decisions and how did they reflect on their past? Julian Jaynes (1920 – 1997) proposes a radical answer to these questions: until a few thousand ...

Theo van Gogh’s polemic prose

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Like any fine caricaturist, Theo Van Gogh the columnist was a penetrating observer. He didn’t bluntly insult people. He captured the fleeting but telling ‘facial expression’ and then magnified it many times. Not everybody ...

Tim Krabbé’s random word

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I once gave myself the assignment of inventing a completely random word. Completely random, is that possible? And all of a sudden, there it was: Battoowoo Greekgreek (Tim Krabbé, The Rider).  The word Battoowoo Greekgreek (in Dutch: Batüwü ...